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Why Sarawak

High Standard
of Living

Lower Cost of Living

Strong Political

Safe & Secure


Good & Improving
& Facilities


Equatorial Climate

World's Most Distinct &
Species-rich Rainforest

Good Work
Life Balance

Freedom of Religion

Diverse Culture



Lower Housing

Standard Education

Advanced Medical


Where is Sarawak

Sarawak, part of the formation of Malaysia, is the largest State that having an area almost similar to the size of the Peninsula Malaysia, one of the two States in East Malaysia. Sarawak is sitting in the island of Borneo where it is boarded by the State of Sabah, Indonesia Kalimantan as well as the Country of Brunei. Kuching City is the State Capital.

Kuching The Capital City

  • Most populous city in Sarawak

  • Administrative centre of Sarawak

  • The only City in Malaysia managed by 2 different local authorities (Council of the City of Kuching South & Commission of the City of Kuching North)

  • Kuching is recognized as the Creative City of Gastronomy by UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the year of 2021.

  • Kuching received ASEAN Clean Tourist City Standard (2022 -2024) & (2024 - 2026) award by ASEAN in the year of 2022 and year of 2023 consecutively.

  • Kuching is recognized as "City of Unity", the one and only City in Malaysia received such recognition from 1 Malaysia Foundation since year 2015.

  • Iban is the largest race group in Sarawak, followed by the Chinese, the Malay, the Bidayuh and many more.

  • Malay language & English language are the official languages in Sarawak, the one and only area in Malaysia labelling English as official language.

  • There is no official religion in Sarawak, whereas other areas in Malaysia, the official religion is Islam.


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