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Preparation to Apply

From Applicant

  • Main Applicant Resume

  • S-MM2H Application Form

  • Visit Pass Application Form(IM12) Pin.1/97

  • IM.38 Form

  • Letter of Good Conduct

  • Certified true copy of passport

  • Six copies of Passport size photos (blue background)

From Agent

Fixed Deposit

  • Company's Cover Letter

  • Certified true copy of
    Company's S-MM2H license

  • Security Bond Form

  • 1 copy of BK Form of the
    company representative

  • Proof of Agent's employment

  • Sponsor Declaration Letter

  • Copy of certified Agent's

  • Copy of certified Shareholder

Certified true copy of Fixed Deposit Statement from any local bank in Sarawak

Financial Proof

Other Support Document

Pension Funds:

  • Certified true copy of Pension letter

  • Latest 3-month Government approved pension funds

Offshore Income Funds:

  • Copy of Employment Confirmation

  • Latest 6-month pay slips

  • Latest 6-month bank

  • One copy of RB II Form &
    certified true copy of
    Medical Report

  • One copy of Marriage

  • One certified true copy of
    Birth certificate

  • One certified true copy of
    Sales & Purchase
    Agreement & Occupational
    Permit for residential
    purpose in Sarawak

Application Process

Request letter of Support
to open up FD account at bank

Have a medical check up

Application processing
at Immigration Department

Convey Letter of Conditional Approval to applicant & sponsor 

Open bank account, then
deposit into FD account 

Submission to MTCP

Application processing
for Conditional Approval

Applicant to make payment

then collect Visa & sticker

Service Content

  • S-MM2H program consultation

  • Exclusive application assistance

  • Documents verification, notarization & submission

  • Accompany support for bank account opening.

  • Accompany support for S-MM2H Visa issuance.

  • Accompany support & arrangement for medical check-up.

  • Airport transportation on arrival in & departure from Sarawak

  • Residential property rent & buy recommendation service.

  • Personal vehicle rent & buy recommendation service.

  • Education institution recommendation service.

  • Individual insurance purchase recommendation service.

  • Tax consultation recommendation service​

  • Medical institution recommendation service.

  • Domestic helper/maid application recommendation service.

  • Living-in-Sarawak daily basic needs recommendation service.

Service Fee & Charges

  • Individual : RM12,000.00/person

  •  Couple    : RM18,000.00/couple

  • Children   : Additional RM2,000.00/child 

Fee stated above is excluding the below:

  1. Medical check-up fee

  2. Certified true copy of passport fee

  3. Visa Fee and/or Journey Performed Visa fee

  4. Security bond

  5. Medical insurance premium

  6. Documents translation fee (if required)

  7. Medical service fee

  8. Residential property and personal vehicle rent & buy fee and charges.

  9. Education fee and charges

  10. Domestic helper/maid application fee and charges

  11. Sarawak travel & accommodation expenses

  12. Any other not being listed on the Service Content above

•    Consultation Fee

Consultation Fee will be retained if clients stop/withdraw the application halfway, fee as below shall be charged:

  1. Individual: Minimum 30% of total service fee paid

  2. Couple     : Minimum 30% of total service fee paid

Other Special Available Service from Us

√   Customize Tour Package 
√   Inbound / Outbound Tour Packages 
√   M.I.C.E Tour 
√   Domestic / International Ticketing              
√   Hotel Reservation                                  
√   Cruises Reservation 
√   Ground Tours Arrangement 
√   Visa Application Services 
√   Travel Insurance 
√   Tour Guide Services 

Feel free to ask for more!

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